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How to remove stains from a granite worktop

Its actually much easier than you imagine to remove stains - you do it by using a closed poultice of OXYKLENZA which draws the stain out.

Click here to watch a video demonstrataion then just  follow these simple guidelines

Stain removal – closed (covered) poultice:

Tools you will need:
o Some Oxy-Klenza™
o Some squares of damp paper towel
o Plastic wrap (cling-film)
o A container or bowl to mix up an Oxy-Klenza™ paste
o A spatula or spoon for mixng and applying the paste
o A roll of removable painter’s masking tape (the blue removable 3M tape is recommended as it will not stain your stone).
o A clean cloth and plenty of fresh water

1) If you have any particularly difficult stains to remove from a dense stone countertop, it is best to use a closed poultice.
2) Mix plenty of Oxy-Klenza™ powder and a little water to make a thick paste – moist but not soaking wet).
3) Spread the paste thickly over the stain/s.
4) Cover the paste with a damp (not wet) square of paper towel.
5) Cover the paper towel with a square of plastic wrap, push it down so there is no air under the plastic and tape all four sides of the plastic square to the countertop so it is airtight.
6) Leave the poultice to work for 24 hours.
7) Remove the plastic and paper towel and dispose of as much of the paste as possible (using the spatula, spoon etc).
8) Rinse the area well with a the cloth and plenty of fresh water until all the cleaner residue is removed.
9) Once the area is dry, if there is still some stain left, repeat the process.

To prevent future staining you can now seal your granite forever using Stainproof Original - call Peter on 0113 2310 218 to find out more.


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