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Hung…Drawn…and Coalitioned?

The election is over, Gordy is gone (thanks to everything that is sacred) Labour has left the cupboard bare, the Lib Dems didn't take the country by storm as the papers predicted, and the Tories nearly did enough to gain an outright majority…but not quite.

Result…a hung parliament…followed quickly by a Cameron / Clegg deal which sparks a new age in politics for the UK…we shall see.

Talking of sparks…that bloody volcano in Iceland continues to erupt…not content with trying to bring down the Western economy by bankrupting their banks with our money in them… Iceland is chucking a molten spanner in the works with plumes of volcanic ash causing aerial chaos from an unpronounceable mountain called Eyjafjallajokull…well you try and say it!


Despite the future uncertainty that both of the aforementioned events brings the universal feedback seems to be one of…well…lets get on with it!

Very much our policy here at www.tilesandmosaics.co.uk

The web site is going to have new information added over the coming months to link all users of the site to each of our factories.

This will allow you to view all tiles and mosaics available and print off PDF files of the ranges you are most interested in.

Whilst this process is taking place simply call us on 0113 231 0218 or Tell Us What You Want™ and we can guide you to the relevant sites based on what you are looking for be it floor tiles, wall tiles, mosaics or whatever. If you need samples of specific tiles get in touch and our fully trained staff will deal with your request by return.

Despite the volcanic ash we made it back from recent trips to France & Italy where tiles are used literally everywhere…woodburner tiles! …if it doesn't move…TILE IT!

We'll leave you now…just a Gordy is leaving us all, heading into the volcanic ash strewn sunset of political obscurity …having left UK PLC broken and bust …his legacy…well that appears to missing too…


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