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The times they are a changing…

The world is becoming a more bizarre place.

One of my sons now checks these blogs for spelling and grammar…foreigners gave me directions whilst I was recently in London…a tramp asked me specifically for £1.95 for a cup of tea…it now costs more to fill up your car than it does to fly from Leeds to Geneva…despite austere times it seems acceptable practice for egotistical footballing types to spend £50 million on someone who kicks a ball around whilst iconic life saving Lollipop Ladies are being made redundant due to cutbacks…and lest we all forget…bankers continue to receive extortionate bonus' whilst private individuals and corporate enterprises remain starved of cash injections by the same fat cats!

Unrest, or is it revolution, in the Middle East will have far reaching ramifications for us all. Mubarak has already gone, Gaddafi looks like he's going, and that whole region is set for a monumental period of change which will significantly alter relations between the Middle East and the West forever. We wait whilst America decides which new despots to befriend in order to secure more oil…times are a changing indeed.

Whilst the world seems to implode we concentrate on simpler issues and continue to embrace another revolution that is, of course, the internet.

We've created a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.

Whilst we learn the protocol and discover if we are Twits or Tweeters we invite you to follows us on either, or both.

The name change for the showroom is also now complete.

The Tile Trader name has gone and everything to do with the showroom is now called and liveried as tilesandmosaics.co.uk…all our business to business dealings for distribution and project specifications continues under the Ceramique Internationale Ltd banner.

We leave you as Colin Firth wins the Oscar for Best Actor in the simply wonderful The Kings Speech. Combine that with Oscar euphoria for many other British film talents and we have a wonderful advert for Britain today.

Unfortunately, we have a slightly less palatable advert for modern day Britain as Jordan paraded her bionic chest at Elton's after show Oscars bash, she bagged herself another conquest and yet more column inches. Meanwhile, back in Blighty, one of our role model footballing types shot a student on work experience with an airgun…one can only assume the troubles in the Middle East lead the footballing type to believe some sort of protection was necessary whilst he practiced kicking a ball into a net…

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