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Why are expensive tiles better?

We are all happy to pay higher prices, if we just understand why!

Here is our "guidebook" to help our customers to understand the higher costs of "nicer or better" ceramic tile products.

  1. Made in Italy 1.

All the technology to make tiles comes from Italy. Tiles made anywhere in the world are made using Italian machinery. Italy have all the good ideas first and then they sell them to everyone else.

  1. Made In Italy 2

Italians are the most stylish and design driven nation in the world. Clothing, cars and of course tiles.

  1. Printing technology 1

Look closely at the edges of lower price tiles, you can see a “picture frame” effect where the screen printing has missed the curved edge. However on digitally printed tiles the printing covers the curved edges, and they will look much nicer on your wall or floor.

  1. Printing Technology 2

You can’t see any repeat of the design on digitally printed tiles. So higher value slate floor tiles can be as random in surface effect as real slate. But screen printed tiles all have the same obvious similarities - if you look closley you can see the various elements of the artwork are repeated

  1. Printing Technology 3

Digital technology means more realism. Take a picture of some slate, computerize it, then print that picture onto tiles. Very high resolution printing will give a 3D effect – even when the surface is flat!

  1. What a tile is made of 

The body of a porcelain tile consists of higher grade raw materials which are harder when fired. Tiles made from 'local' raw materiels have a lower materiel value, and in mass production this makes a difference.

  1. Rectified edges

Some tiles have perfectly square edges, not rounded edges. This extra process called “rectifying.” It increases realism (eg. wood and stone look “sawn”), and means you can fix them with a very narrow grout joint to enhance style and reduce cleaning maintenance.

  1. More equals less

If one range has one size, 6 colours, and a gloss surface finish, it is easier to mass produce than the tile range that has 22 colours, 6 sizes all with a gloss or matt finish

  1. Flatness and "squareness"

Ceramic tiles are fired at 1200 degrees. Imagine how difficult it is to ensure that a large ceramic item doesn’t distort. Low cost producers and their low cost tiles will not be as flat or as square as the high technology tile producers.

  1.  Porosity

Some polished porcelain tiles are porous, and these require treating with  impregnating sealers to prevent staining. This characteristic typically applies to far Eastern tiles. Higher priced European technology typically means sealing is NOT required.

Oh yes, there is more to tiles than just price!

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