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Tiles for the blind, partially sighted or visually disabled

Image courtesy of Casalgrande Padana

The "LOGES" system of tiles is a specially designed range of porcelain tiles for the blind or visually disabled that can be used in any area to help move around more safely.

This tile range has been patented by Casalgrande Padana and uses their Granitogres range as the base tile for all the elements within the system.

Image courtesy of Casalgrande Padana

This means these special tiles for the blind can be used internally or externally in heavy traffic areas such as stations, airports, shopping centres, supermarkets or on pavements. The company has both wall tiles and floor tiles that help you move around. To discover more about these tiles, just call Ceramique on 0113 231 0218. They will help you.

The modular elements of this flooring system for the visually disabled are produced in easily understood informative codes to give both directional information and situation warnings via four methods:-

Tiles for the blind
  1. Tactile sense when walking
  2. Manual tactile sense when using a stick
  3. Hearing
  4. Colour contrast for the visually impaired or partially sighted

The basic codes that this unique tile system uses are as follows:-

  1. Straight Direction
  2. Stop - Danger
  3. Compulsory Left or Right Turn
  4. T - Junction
  5. Attention Service
  6. Dangerous To Pass
Image courtesy of Casalgrande Padana

Interested in using this system? Call Ceramique Internationale Ltd now on 0113 231 0218.

Ceramique and Casalgrande Padana offer a complete consultancy service for the design and installation of the Loges system. Call them now.

Loges tiles for the blind and partially sighted…designed to allow the visually disabled to orient themselves and move around more safely.

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